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Pet Dog Food Pellet Making Machine

Pet Dog Food Pellet Making Machine

Product Description NO. Name Brief  introduction 1...

Product Description

Product Description

Brief  introduction
Raw material
Corn flour;wheat flour; soya flakes meal;animal bone powder,fish powder; etc.
Basic Recipe
Salt sugar powder, flavor material, cocoa powder and so on
Processing flow
Mixing system; Extrusion system; Drying system; Flavoring system; Packing System
Equipment involved
Mixer; Screw elevator; Double screw extruder; Air conveyor; Dryer; Flavoring system;Packing machine
Final products
 Dog feed;Cat feed;Bird feed;Fish feed;etc.
Machine material
Stainless steel 304 or as customer’s request

Advantage :
1). All pet food equipments are made of stainless steel.
2). The pet food whole line fully continuous and automatic.
3). Provide basic pet food formula according to your require.
4). The final pet food shapes and sizes can be various by changing the mould.
5). Supply different size mould free of charge.
6). Packing machine could be supplied to work with the pet feed production line (depending on your require)

60 80 kg/h Dry dog food making machine/animals feed pellet

The machine is widely used in pet food pellet production. Such as dog,cat, bird.. The pellet quality is close to

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Dog food making machine endues pet food with novel shape, unique taste and color. It's manufacturing different dog food according to user's needs

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1481 products - Factory best selling dry dog food making extrusion machine 1. dog food machine introduction We could change the configuration of pet food 

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